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Our guides will take you on an unforgettable fishing expedition in the last frontier.

Quest Alaska provides all needed equipment, including top quality Alaska fishing boats, rods, reels and baits. With some of the best spots for fishing in Alaska, our experienced Alaska fishing guides will take you to the fish and get them on your line.

King Salmon

The King Salmon (Chinook) is the largest species in the salmon family, growing over 70 pounds. The Sitka Sound area is an important feeding area for big King Salmon and boasts the best King Salmon fishing catch rate in southeastern Alaska. Sitka Sound Salmon are still in their prime, feisty and hard-fighting.

The best Alaska King Salmon fishing occurs in May, June and July.

Silver Salmon

In mid to late summer, Silver Salmon (Coho) become even more prolific than their bigger cousins. Mature Silvers in this area of Alaska fishing can grow to around 20 pounds. They hit hard, fight like tigers, and make excellent table fare. The limit for Silvers is generous so they provide excellent Alaska sport fishing opportunities.

Silver Salmon are commonly caught in July, August and September.

Halibut, Ling Cod & Yellow Eye (Red Snapper)

Going deep for these excellent tasting bottom fish has become as popular as Alaska Salmon fishing.

Alaska Halibut up to 300 pounds are caught occasionally, and large numbers of smaller fish are widely available. These Alaska fish bite well through the late spring, summer and early fall.

While unattractive in appearance, the delicious and tasty Ling Cod is a very aggressive fighter, making for a fun and exciting catch.

The vibrant Red Snapper, also known as yellow-eyed rockfish, is one of the largest of the rockfish species and can grow up to 36 inches long.

William Huntington

A Legend’s Endorsement.

On any givin day, 365 days of the year, Big King Salmon can be found feeding in and around a body of water known as Sitka Sound. An aspect unique in itself and for decades one responsible for the sounds of alarm clocks to awaken anglers like myself to persue their Quest. Located on a small private and protected Island a short distance from the historic S.E. Alaska town of Sitka rests a well established fishing lodge appropriately named QUEST ALASKA LODGES. In addition to King Salmon many other targeted species of sportfish are abundant in the scenic waters that are easily accessable from the Lodge. Guests would be hard pressed to find a destination that offers the quality of sportfishing, accommodations, and sheer beauty provided at this location.

William Huntington

Great Catches

Check out the successful fishing trips our clients experience with Quest Alaska. 

Custom-Built Fishing Vessels

Boats designed, customized and equipped by Quest, for Quest.

Quest Alaska custom boats are built for the safety and comfort of four to six fisherman and a captain. 

These 26-foot sport fishing boats have fully enclosed and heated cabins. The tunnel hull design and a wide, 11-foot beam minimizes the effect of a possible choppy water day. The cabin is strategically centered to promote a smooth ride, as well as creating the space for a full exterior walk around. Twin engines provide plenty of power to allow a speedy journey to and from Sitka’s famous fishing waters. All of our Alaska fishing boats are equipped with fish finding electronics and GPS to mark our hot spots.

Our Master Guide

Equipment is only as good as the operator. Our Southeast Alaska fishing guides were trained by the best in the business and have decades of experience fishing the Sitka Alaska waters.

Bill Huntington was Quest Alaska’s founding Master Guide. He has been fishing Southeast Alaska for over nearly 40 years. His guided knowledge and techniques helped net every Quest client an abundance of fish day after day. He continued to hone his skills on the Professional Bass Fishing circuit in the off-season. In southeast Alaska he is simply known as “The Legend,” but to our guide staff of Marcelus, Cameron and Daniel, he is known as mentor. Every fishing expedition from Quest is a memory in the making from a team of well-trained professional guides.

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