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Fishing is Just the Beginning

Sitka is the perfect place to experience everything Alaska has to offer.

At Quest Alaska Lodges, we are dedicated to creating unforgettable memories for our guests. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, ensuring that every aspect of your trip is carefully planned and executed.

No matter what your interests are, we will work with you to curate an experience that allows you to embrace all that Alaska has to offer. Embark on an extraordinary journey with us and let the team at Quest Alaska Lodges create the perfect package to fulfill your dreams of adventure and discovery.

Fishing, Crabbing, & Shrimping

The experienced Alaska fishing guides at Quest Alaska Lodges put you on the fish and deliver great catches of King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod and Red Snapper. We provide everything you need for the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Fish with the best guides in Alaska: 

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Wildlife Tours

Our experienced guides can take you to Sitka’s best whale watching spots or transport you to the Alaska Raptor Center, Fortress of the Bear, and Sitka Sound Science Center for an exclusive tour where you’ll see rehabilitated raptors and bear habitats, and explore touch tanks with sea creatures at the Science Center. Want an even more personal experience? We can set up a private demonstration on the island!

See Alaska wildlife up close and personal: 

Alaska Raptor Center »

Fortress of the Bear »

Sitka Sound Science Center »

History & Area Museums

In Sitka, history comes alive, inviting you to step back in time and uncover the captivating stories that have unfolded within these hallowed grounds. From the legacy of Russian colonialism to the enduring indigenous cultures, this city offers a tapestry of narratives that celebrate its rich heritage.

Sitka’s historic spots and museums are sure to captivate and inspire you. Embark on a journey through time and experience Sitka’s storied past.

Hiking & Hotsprings

Immerse yourself in true wilderness of mountain forests, islands, glaciers and volcanoes with countless miles of hiking trails. Soak in Alaskan hot springs surrounded by waterfront views and grassy hillsides – a perfect pictureque place for all to relax for the day. 

Get outdoors and enjoy nature: 

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Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

We have the best kayaking in the world with tidelands and rock gardens, naval bunkers leftover from World War II, steep cliffs and massive waterfalls. Take a kayak or paddle board out on the open waters directly off the shore from our property.

Skim the open waters by kayak or paddleboard: 

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Dining & Nightlife

Sitka’s dining and nightlife options reflect the city’s unique blend of natural beauty and warm hospitality. Whether you’re looking to savor the flavors of Alaska’s seafood, indulge in international cuisines, or simply unwind with a drink in hand, Sitka invites you to discover hidden culinary gems and immerse yourself in its vibrant nightlife.

Surfing & Yoga Retreats

Sitka provides a destination that embraces both serenity and adventure, making it an ideal place to practice the ancient art of yoga. The stunning natural landscapes, including majestic mountains, tranquil forests, and the picturesque coastline, provide a breathtaking backdrop for your yoga journey. With our vast stretches of untouched beaches and rugged shorelines, we also offer a playground for surfers who crave a challenge and a connection with nature.

Relax and enjoy Alaska’s natural beauty: 

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Situated amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Alaska, Sitka offers a unique golfing experience that combines the thrill of the sport with breathtaking views of mountains, forests, and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a novice looking to improve your swing, Sitka’s Sea Mountain golf course provides an idyllic setting to indulge in your passion for the game.

Experience golf in the beauty of Alaska: 

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